Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of apparel and apparel after China. Vietnam has surpassed Bangladesh, and will rank second in the international apparel and apparel manufacturing market in the first half of 2020.
(ProNewsReport editorial):-Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, October 2, 2020 (, Bangladesh was the world’s second largest garment exporter after China. In addition, compared with any other country, Vietnam’s production capacity has grown the fastest. There are more than 6,000 textile and garment factories in Vietnam, and the industry employs more than 2.3 million people across the country. Approximately 70% of these manufacturers are located in or near Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
As of 2016, Vietnam has exported more than 28 billion U.S. dollars worth of clothing and textiles together with the United States and the European Union. Vietnam is a very balanced trade destination, with reasonable market interest rates and perfect social compliance, and is at one of the fastest heights.
If you are looking for the best clothing and garment manufacturers in Vietnam, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with a list guide to find the best garment manufacturing company in Vietnam. Read on, here are some popular Vietnamese garment and garment manufacturing companies selected based on their long history, nationwide production, and efficient export capabilities. But before diving in, let me tell you why you should go to a Vietnamese clothing and clothing manufacturer!
Since the past few years, as TTP approaches and Vietnam’s economic benefits begin to emerge, most multinational companies have moved their manufacturing plants to Vietnam. Vietnam has always shown the gradual growth of the industry.
The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) between the EU and Vietnam also clarifies the development of international links between Vietnam and the global market. The agreement provides market access for Vietnamese goods and services, and is promising when considering the advantages of employees’ lives.
The agreement came into effect on August 1, opening the door to strengthen the liberalization of imports and exports linking Vietnam and the European Union. EVFTA is an optimistic treaty that provides for approximately 99% of tariff cancellations between the EU and Vietnam.
Therefore, it is natural for the interests of multinational companies to transfer to Vietnam. The most famous companies are Nike and Adidas. Finally, the economic tensions between Japan and China have also greatly promoted the transfer of interest from apparel companies that want to invest in infrastructure in Japan. Today, Vietnam is the best choice for high-quality uniforms, formal wear, casual wear and sports uniforms.
Manufacturers in Vietnam are known for their high-quality clothing products. You can find low-cost, high-quality, and versatile clothing in Ho Chi Minh City.
Vietnam is adjacent to China and has a complete supply chain on a global scale, making it an ideal country for international apparel and apparel importers.
Due to competitiveness, the slowdown in wage growth and the suppression of inflation in Vietnam is another important reason that makes Vietnamese garment manufacturers the best choice.
According to the theory of comparative advantage, a country should allocate its production factors to areas where it has major endowments. Once the manufacturing country’s domestic production becomes expensive, the production industry will move its manufacturing plants from Europe and the United States to other countries.
Although China used to attract more manufacturing companies that were puzzled by specific production technologies and higher monetary returns, Vietnam and Mexico are examples of the two countries we have intervened.
But with the sudden outbreak of COVID19, the main focus of manufacturing companies is shifting to neighboring China, Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam’s productivity has increased substantially and has exceeded China’s growth rate, because labor costs in China have risen faster than the growth rate of manufacturing.
Thai Son SP Sewing Factory is a very popular and leading manufacturer in Vietnam; it is one of the top manufacturers of sewing and clothing companies there. It is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Customers are attracted by their company because of the large number of garments made with circular knitted fabrics. The company was founded in 1985 and is a family business. The current director of the company is Mr. Thai van, Thanh.
About 1,000 employees and about 1,203 machines are part of the company. Thai Son Sewing Factory has two factories in Ho Chi Minh City and produces approximately 250,000 T-shirts every month.
Thai Son Sewing Factory has a wide range in Vietnam, producing various designs of women’s, children’s and men’s clothing. Their clothing includes everything from sportswear to dresses. Some of the other services they provide are as follows:
Thai Son Sewing Factory provides consumers with a variety of design options, including children’s wear, men’s wear and women’s wear. Thai Son Sewing Factory also has many credible and authentic certifications, including BSCL, SA 8000, and a major ethical sourcing certificate from Target, one of its Australian customers.
Thai Son Sewing Factory’s customers in Europe include warehouses, oasis and fever. Thai Son’s clients in Australia include OCC and Mr. Simple. Thai Son collaborates with Maxstudio in Los Angeles.
Dony is another major leading company in Vietnam. They provide a wide range of clothing and apparel with a wide range of designs and styles. They produce clothes and garments for men, women and children. Their products are easy to ship around the world, and their services can be seen everywhere.
Their clothing includes work clothes, uniforms, business formal wear, and personal protective equipment such as antibacterial and safe reusable masks and medical protective clothing.
The company is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Duny owns three sewing, printing and embroidery factories.
The company produces about 100.000-250.000 high-quality products every month. The best quality of DONY is that it promises to provide customers with the highest quality things at the scheduled time. Their services include:
DONY is one of the leading domestic and formal clothing manufacturers in Vietnam; DONY has a wide range of customers, including international fashion/workwear shops and companies that require uniforms.
DONY provides B2B services worldwide. They follow fair company policies and have real certificates of FDA, CE, TUV and ISO registration. Their international customers include Asian countries such as the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan.
Answer: We can provide samples for your testing before you place a bulk order. The sample fee is US$100, which will be refunded immediately once you place a large order. The sample is just to let you know our quality and craftsmanship.
Answer: Yes, you can combine multiple styles to meet the MOQ of fabrics. We are willing to start with a small number of test orders. We are flexible about the minimum order quantity because we understand that MOQ depends on your purchase cycle requirements.
Answer: We can provide clothing such as T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, work clothes, dresses, hats, jackets, pants, masks and protective clothing. We are good at printing and embroidering customers’ logos.
A: Yes, we have a very strong and professional technical and development team. They can start with pictures or ideas and turn them into finished products. They can work independently, suggesting the structure, necessary materials, accessories, and product performance and appearance.
A: Under normal circumstances, it takes 3-5 days to correctly obtain the ideas and requirements of customers, and 5-7 days for sample development. The sample fee is USD 100, which will be refunded after the bulk order is confirmed
Answer: It can be by sea or air or express. The cost depends on the agreed delivery terms, weight or CBM and your desired destination.
G & G is another unique garment factory in Vietnam, they provide services to private customers and domestic customers. They introduce new styles every year and provide services to the United States and Vietnam. This quality makes them unique, because most companies in Vietnam make clothing based on the buyer’s design. However, G&G also specializes in producing clothing based on the buyer’s design.
Their company was established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2002, and they have been producing a variety of unique clothing for other countries such as Vietnam and the United States. Some of their products include various dresses, sweatpants, jackets, suits, T-shirts and shirts, scarves and knitwear. G & G II has the following certificates: WRAP, C-TPAT, BSCI and Macy’s Code of Conduct.
9-mode clothing is a good small buyer-friendly choice for many people in Vietnam. 9-mode takes a shorter time to produce clothing because they have a smaller range than the other companies listed above, but they are small, buyer-friendly, and have a minimum order quantity requirement.
They also specialize in custom-style clothing and provide services to the United States, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. 9-mode’s employees are distributed in multiple departments, with approximately 250 employees.
They are located in Ho Chi Minh City and have been operating since 2006. 9-mode remains loyal to quality products, has a wider network, and has connections with many subcontractors. Their products include hoodies, dresses, jeans, T-shirts, swimwear, sportswear and headwear.
Thygesen Textile Company Ltd is located in Hanoi, Vietnam, but is owned by a Danish company founded in 1931. Headquartered in Ikast, Denmark, it is owned by Thygesen Textile Group.
Thygesen Textile Vietnam Ltd was established in Vietnam in 2004, formerly known as Thygesen Fabrics Vietnam Company Ltd. Thygesen Textile Group also has factories in the United States, China, Mexico and Slovakia. Their products include children’s clothing, sportswear, workwear, casual fashion, underwear, hospital clothing and knitted clothing. Their certificates include BSCI, SA 8000, WRAP, ISO and OekoTex.
TTP Garment is another company that provides woven and knitted garments to Asian and Western manufacturers. TTP was established in 2008; it is located in District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City. They produce 110,000 pieces per month. They are also friendly to small buyers and rank high among Vietnam’s garment factories. Their products include T-shirts, polo shirts, sports pants, and long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts.
Fashion Garment Ltd is also one of the leading clothing and apparel suppliers in Vietnam. They have approximately 8,400 employees and four manufacturing plants. FGL was established in 1994 and is located in Dongnar Province. It is owned by the Hirdaramani Group in Sri Lanka. Hirdaramani also owns many companies in Sri Lanka, the United States and Bangladesh. They have many international clients such as Hurley, Levi’s, Hush Hush and Jordan. Their products include crew neck shirts and polo shirts, hoodies and pullovers, jackets, woven shirts, children’s and adult clothing, and children’s casual wear.
This small country in southern China continues to grow in the manufacturing market and has gradually become one of the world’s largest apparel and apparel exporters. Vietnam is considered a developing country, but it can produce high-quality clothes while providing lower production costs.
Vietnam’s clothing and apparel market includes many great manufacturers; some are smaller and buyer-friendly, while others are more international. Some honor awards include Quick Feat, United Sweethearts Garment, Vert Company and LTP Vietnam Co., Ltd.
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought multiple challenges to the industry. Vietnam’s clothing and apparel industry relies on several major partners. The pandemic disrupted the supply chain and caused a shortage of raw materials.
Demand in the US and European markets has also declined. Bulk orders were cancelled, leading to layoffs, reduced revenues, and lower profits.
The pandemic has made Vietnam’s clothing and apparel industry an ideal substitute for China. Because of this, Vietnam may soon occupy the second place in the apparel manufacturing and export industries.
In response, the government responded quickly. Despite the difficult environment, the industry continues to grow. It continues to show an optimistic outlook to all parties involved after the pandemic.
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